Life is a journey. None of us were alert and responsible when we began this journey. We had no choice what date the journey began and we have no clue when the journey will end. We were not responsible for the beginning of the journey but we will be held accountable for how it ends. If we will finish strong, we need a new perspective, a pursuit of purpose and an end goal in mind.

Everyone ends up somewhere. Few people end up somewhere on purpose. When the purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse and neglect are inevitable. When we don’t know God’s purpose for us and why He has entrusted us with time, talents and resources, we will continue to waste our lives chasing after what’s temporal and fading and what won’t last for eternity.

An external assessment is insufficient to determine if someone is purpose-driven or not, instead listen to what they say and watch what they do and hopefully that would give you some clues about their priorities and values. What are your priorities in life?

Everyone has a purpose. The only problem is, not many of us have discovered God’s purpose for our lives and only a handful are pursuing it with full focus. Life doesn’t begin at forty or even at birth but when you discover why God sent you to earth and begin to align your life to His will and purpose.

Sadly, many of us never get to this point and all of life is wasted in a journey God never approved. There are many others who have ticked all the boxes: get a college degree, get a job, get married, have children, retire and wait till your heart stops beating but not many of us get to experience the abundant life Jesus talked about because we never discovered why God sent us to earth.

How do we discover God’s purpose? How does my life become purpose-driven? The first step is having a personal and functional relationship with God, not the attending of church events or acting with so much piety but surrendering your heart to be led by God’s Spirit. I have been crucified with Christ, it’s no longer I who lives but Christ who lives in me. Galatians 2.20.

Then, your relationship with God takes you on a journey of self-discovery: Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Where Am I Going to? Our world is struggling with so much trouble and chaos because there are lots of people moving with no purpose and direction who do not acknowledge God as their beginning and end and have no answers to these three foundational and important questions.

God doesn’t make or waste any life or opportunity. If He will invest in anything, there is a purpose to be achieved. If we were made in the image and likeness of God, everything about us must be purpose-driven. We can’t just do whatever we want because we feel like doing it or everyone else is doing it and then, waiting to see what will happen. We must live for heaven’s applause and ensure that our waking moments count for eternity.

Let’s take a look at a few examples of people with two different mindsets, one is purpose-driven, while the other is not.

A certain  guy has a lot of money, he has a good job and received a large inheritance from his wealthy parents. He buys the most expensive cars and houses, keeps up with a plethora of pictures posted online to show off to the world that he has a lot of cash but he is very stingy and miserly and can’t even help family members or friends who are in need. Recently, he lost a large investment and has turned to drugs and gambling to medicate his pain and all of a sudden, he’s gone quiet on social media.

Another guy who also has so much money as well realizes that he doesn’t own all that money and is only a steward of God’s resources, he chooses to live below his means. Besides taking responsibility for his family’s needs, he also looks for opportunities to serve the poor, orphans and widows and invests in the business of God’s kingdom.

During the recession, he lost his job but no one could tell whether he lacked or not. His hope is in God. The guy who is purpose-driven realizes that he doesn’t deserve any of all the tangible blessings that God’s entrusted him with but understands that he is only a channel to be a blessing to God’s kingdom and to others.

A lady who has a high-flying career, continues to outperform her colleagues and impress her bosses, she gets a series of promotions in quick succession. With her busy schedules and hectic deadlines, she has little or no time to spend with God or with her family week in and out. Her identity and worth comes from her job. Recently, she was asked to report to a new executive who doesn’t have as much experience as she does. She’s been contemplating a resignation.

Another lady is grateful for the privilege to even have a job, she gives her best but not at the expense of quality time with God and her family. She realizes that her office is not just a place she goes to everyday but where God has placed her for purpose. She is intentional and consistent about looking out for opportunities to share her faith with her colleagues.

She gives credits to God for her progress as God is her source of joy and not her job. When she found out she would be asked to leave as a result of an unplanned re-organisation, she knew God had a purpose for allowing this and even a better plan. The lady who is purpose-driven realizes that her job is either her mission or her mission field.

A couple has four children and they are in a race against time to give their kids the best that life can offer. Their children are in the best schools in town, they have the latest gadgets and look forward to the best vacation spots every year. They can’t wait to send them off to one of the Ivy-league schools. There are lots of pictures posted online regularly of each child’s sporting prowess and the kids must feel a great deal of pressure living out their parents’ dreams.

Another couple realizes that physical provisions may be great but instead spends more time building a solid spiritual foundation for their kids and providing the stable emotional environment for their kids as they do all they can to prepare their kids for an uncertain future. Each night, prayer and the reading of God’s word is an important part of the day.

Their children don’t get everything they ask for and they don’t have an attitude of entitlement. These parents are not too busy to hug and cuddle their kids each day and chat about what went well or wrong each day. The couple who are purpose-driven understand that having children is not an achievement but realize that God is counting on them to handover the baton of godliness to the next generation.

Hope you are able to identify yourself in these scenarios and begin to take steps to make the necessary adjustments to align your life with God’s plan. If we don’t live our lives on purpose, we will not manage our time, talents and resources on purpose. Your marriage, finances or children will not be purpose-driven till you discover God’s purpose for your life.

Even your friends, must take you further into all God has planned. Not everyone should have access to your life especially if they are adding little or no value. We can’t just wake up and do whatever we like but must constantly ask ourselves those three pertinent questions. Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Where A I Going To? A life without purpose is a disaster waiting to happen.

Life is so brief. Your time is your life. You can’t waste your precious life binging on Netflix and Snap chat all day when you could have finished writing or reading a book in the same period of time. You can’t afford to hang out with people who don’t encourage or challenge you on your upward path to growth. If you will leave an imprint on this generation, you must chase after God and a higher purpose.

That’s why it’s so vital to have a clear picture of where you are going. A goal without a plan is only a wish. A life plan gives you an idea of where you want your life to be headed. This could be split up into year plans, so that each day, week and month, you are pitching in to close out the gaps. Don’t just count the years, let your years count. A purpose-driven life is a life with a different perspective.

Welcome on board as we take this journey to discovering the Purpose-Driven Life. Praying every new day brings a fresh revelation of who God is, who you are, why you are here on earth and where God is taking you to.

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