How We Work

Your Choice, Your Voice, Your Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is just that: YOURS. You want a ceremony that is personal and memorable. To make it so, through a process of interviews, research and inspiration, we include symbols, rituals, music and readings that reflect your values, goals, personalities, beliefs and cultures.

You may choose to borrow from other weddings that you’ve admired and we can offer you many rich elements that you might not have thought of. Our goal is for you to get exactly what you want.

You have unlimited email and phone access to us until your ceremony is finely-tuned to your satisfaction. Our pricing includes mileage, interfacing with your photographer, videographer, wedding planner, musicians and site managers. We also interview and work with your bridal party participants.

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Your Love Story

Personalised Attention

You are a unique couple, so your ceremony should also be unique. We put in the time to research, write and deliver your wedding ceremony. We can also conduct a full rehearsal.

With our personalized approach you will benefit by having a wedding ceremony that touches the hearts of everyone present. We offer a no-obligation, in-person interview, during which you can read some ceremonies we have delivered.

Since each ceremony is unique, our pricing varies with what you desire. Our fees range from $275 – $500 and offer great value. Once you hire one of us, we begin the process of creating your personalized wedding ceremony.

We send you home with samples of vows, rituals, readings and music selections for you to choose from, and we begin the process of creating your wedding ceremony. We guide you and consult with you along the way.