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My joy in performing ceremonies began with a love of public speaking. In 1979, I was a founding member of a Toastmasters group in San Diego and discovered the wonderful world of delighting an audience. Over the many years since then, I have honed those skills considerably and now I find that I am completely at home in front of any size audience from 5 to 500.

In addition, I love the art of ceremony. Shortly after I began doing weddings in 1995, I discovered that personalizing the ceremony is the real key to making them memorable and enjoyable. I work with couples to find ritual elements and styles that are really “theirs” and that will honor their families and the traditions from which they come.

In 2005 I became a certified Celebrant after training through the Celebrant USA Foundation. This is an organization that teaches and promotes the performance of meaningful ceremonies. This training has greatly enhanced my knowledge of wedding traditions and the process of designing meaningful ceremonies.

I would love to work with you to design a memorable event for this most joyous of occasions.

We love weddings that are full of personality and joy

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Everything You Want To Know About…


The gift I bring to a wedding is my passion and enthusiasm for crafting memorable ceremonies. I enjoy the creative process and the inspiration I receive from each couple as I design ceremonies that affirm their love and values, philosophy, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

In 2005 I completed nine months of training with the Celebrant Institute, receiving certifications to create Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Memorials, Funerals and ceremonies to mark all of life’s passages. My own cultural background is from the Italian and Slovakian traditions where family celebrations are aplenty. Training as a Life Coach with the Coaches Training Institute and Intrinsic Coaching contributes greatly to my interpersonal and listening skills. My public speaking ability has been polished by Toastmasters, leading personal growth workshops and women’s groups, and singing.

Put that all together and I am uniquely qualified to create and officiate one-of-a-kind personalized wedding ceremonies that honor any couple.

Hunter Valley Specialists

We love outdoor, country weddings and that is why the Hunter Valley is the perfect location for a wedding. Get married in a paddock, on a hill, or in a gorgeous white chapel and have the wedding of your dreams with us.