Whether your dream wedding is a ceremony under the stars, in a hotel, in a restaurant, in the park or in your backyard, your ceremony will become a memory that stays with you forever.

To ensure that your wedding is all you want it to be, you may want to discuss these five topics with your wedding officiant.

1) Wedding Guests

Wedding guests usually attend simply as spectators. Other times, wedding guests become participants in the ceremony. The bride and groom’s parents give their children into marriage or special vows can me made by the bride and groom and their children in family unity. Your ceremony can also include asking your guests for a promise of support. The level of interaction with your guests is entirely up to you.

Discuss: Do you want participation with/from any of your guests?

2) Prayers, Readings or Music

Sometimes the bride and groom will have a special poem, verse, reading, song, quotation or prayer that they would like worked into the wedding ceremony. We specialize in custom ceremonies and are happy to work with you to include those special pieces when creating marriage vows and a ceremony that’s everything you want it to be.

Discuss: Do you have special readings, prayers or music that you would like woven into your wedding ceremony?

3) Rituals

As unbiased and non-denominational wedding officiants, we are happy to include rituals that have significance to you. Some couples like to receive a blessing, light candles to signify their unity, or to honor their parents with flowers as part of the ceremony.  We have a variety of cultural, religious, spiritual and secular rituals to draw from.

Discuss: Are there special rituals that you would like to include in your ceremony?

4) Attire

Celebrant Andy traditionally wears a business suit when performing wedding ceremonies. Celebrant Toni usually wears neutral clothing often with a splash of coordinating color. We are happy to discuss attire with you to ensure that our attire looks elegant with your wedding party.

Discuss: Do you have any thoughts regarding the attire of your officiant?

5) The Rehearsal

The main purpose for the rehearsal is to ease everyone’s nerves.  It is especially important if the wedding party has more than a best man and a maid of honor.  In the rehearsal, all participants get to practice their parts, such as where the ring bearer goes after the processional, where readers stand, when the bride hands off her bouquet, or when the mother’s come forward to receive a rose or to light a candle.  Rehearsal can make for a seamless ceremony.

Discuss:  How long would you like your ceremony to be and who will participate?

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